08.03.22 > Sold out
08.03.22 < Sold out
08 March 22
Teatro Sociale G. Busca - Alba (CN)
Piazza Vittorio Veneto 3
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On International Women’s Day, at 9 pm, the Teatro Sociale G. Busca in Alba will host the première of the play “Raccontami com’era vestita”. This theatre performance, loosely based on the novels and short stories by Beppe Fenoglio, focuses on the female characters in his works. The show, wanted by Carlotta Boffa, Councillor for Culture of Alba, and by Centro Studi Beppe Fenoglio on Fenoglio’s 100th anniversary, is performed by “TUTTE”, a collective of ten women, who conceived, direct and act in the play and who come from six different associations based in Alba: “Laboratorio Teatrale Albatros”, “Donchisciottesiamonoi”, “Collettivo Scirò”, “Compagnia Claudio&Consuelo”, “Il Teatrino” and “Teatro di TELA”.